Each time Tiffany LaToi heard the phrase, "it’s a man’s world out there", it encouraged her to pursue her dreams with increased vigor and enthusiasm. A successful entrepreneur and powerhouse businesswoman in a male dominated industry, she is the embodiment of the American dream and an inspiration for every female out there who dares to dream.  Tiffany LaToi is the face of success!

Tiffany has an undergraduate degree in Marketing & Sales from Butler University, MBA in Business Leadership from Anderson University, Real Estate Broker & General Contractor's license.  Armed with these degrees, she stepped into the world of corporate America, in the Healthcare Field, specializing in Pharmaceutical Sales & Project Management and worked her way up the corporate ladder steadily but surely. However, her true prowess was an Entrepreneur, which she demonstrated after leaving the corporate life behind her in 2010 and embarking on a new chapter in her life. Namely that of being an entrepreneurial tycoon.

Since entrepreneurship had always been a core desire for Tiffany since a little girl, she decided to act on this desire. She put a plan in place and steered it towards becoming a reality. She is the founder and CEO of a premier, national Field Service & Construction Company. It took a few short years to grow her business from a 5-figure company to a multi-million dollar business. Now she has over ten years of experience as a full-time entrepreneur.

Tiffany LaToi is the definition of a self-made entrepreneur who relied on little else but GOD, her determination, skills, and passion to see her dreams take the shape of reality. Against all odds, she made her presence known in the industry and commanded respect.  Ultimately, she designed a life for herself that she loves and now wants to show other women how to do so as well.  

Tiffany LaToi started her namesake company as a way to Connect, Inspire, Empower & Show women across the world to live out their purpose and to make money while doing so. From her own example, she showed it is possible to succeed even when you are working against the odds or the norms. It is possible to live a life of abundance.  She has a strong desire to teach women how to be successful entrepreneurs, turning their passion into a profit.  She is a woman who finds great pleasure pouring into others. 

Tiffany LaToi is a staunch believer in helping other women unlock their true potential and achieve their goals. She believes women have so much value that the world needs them to take the leap. To this end, she is dedicated to helping dreamers, creatives and entrepreneurs take their idea or business to the next level. She is dedicated to help women "boss up", find their confidence, pursue their dreams & make a lot of money while doing so.