Posted on by Tiffany LaToi

Transparency time!!!! 
I have a love-hate relationship with my Instagram page (@tiffanylatoi). I love it
because I get to engage, connect & help some amazing Female
Entrepreneurs, but I hate it because it's hard to keep up with
sometimes & time-consuming.  

Sometimes I just want to post what I want to post, rather than
trying to make sure the aesthetics of my page is flowing lol.
Part of my headache comes because I don't take the time and plan
ahead like I should.  Every day I'm scrambling to find a picture to post, then another 20 mins trying to come up with a caption lol... Next thing I know I've wasted an hour on one post.   
As much as I want to hate Instagram, I know it's important to my business.  About 80% of my business comes from Instagram
Therefore for the month of June I decided to challenge myself to plan out my Instagram content/posts a month or weeks in advance and I want to invite you to join me!!!  This is a great way to hold each other accountable and create some
additional traffic to our pages. 
I have created this amazing free step by step content planner, it's full of suggestions on content you can use for the month of June, broken down by days!  Keyword "suggestions", feel free to fill in each day with what coincides with
YOUR brand, page & audience. Remember to use relevant
#hashtags and locations with every post. 
I will also be posting each day on my Instagram Story giving additional tips,
be sure to tune in.