Posted on by Tiffany LaToi

On Dec. 4th, I decided to show my love and appreciation to my followers, customers and clients through a Starbucks Giftcard and it went CRAZY!  This experience was fun and it really felt amazing being able to treat so many people to Starbucks. 


I received so many questions from other business owners on how they could create something similar for they followers.  If you are interested follow these simple and easy steps below.


1.  Download the Starbucks App on your phone.


2.  Create a free account by clicking on "Join Rewards"


3.  Once you account has been created You will need to enter your choice of payment information by clicking on "Load your card"


4.  Select Payment Option 


5.  Now that your account is setup, click on "GIFT" at the top.


6.  Select E-Gift Card you'll like to share with your audience. 


7.  Add yourself as the recipient.  You want the gift card to come directly to you.  Type in your email and select the dollar amount. 


**(DO NOT ADD MORE THAN $50.00 TO START OFF WITH).  Load the card as you go. Regardless if you have a big budget or small budget, it's best to set an auto-reload amount that incrementally adds a certain dollar amount that you determine when your balance falls below a certain dollar amount.  


**If you decide to do auto-reload, I personally wouldn't set it for more than $20.00 at a time.  This will keep people from trying to place large orders!


**Create a budget and stick to it**


8. Now Press "SEND" 


9. Check your email and click "REDEEM YOUR E-GIFT" - this is where you will find your barcode.  You can either screenshot this or put on your personal graphics.  If you need a graphic created feel free to send me a DM on Instagram. 

I may be able to assist.