Posted on by Tiffany LaToi

“Tiffany I spent 5k on a Business Coach and she didn’t teach me SH&!”  This is a real statement from a young lady I recently met, YIKES!  … This conversation inspired me to write this blog this week… As a successful Business Owner and Consultant, I realize a lot of people do not understand the difference between a Business Coach and a Business Consultant.  I find myself often saying “I’m sorry, I don’t provide those services… I’m a Business Consultant.” Like many people, let me guess, I bet you thought a Business Coach and a Business Consultant provided the same services? 
At some point throughout your entrepreneurial journey, you will more than likely need both, but it’s important to know which one you actually need for your business before you hire someone. There is a BIG difference between a coach and consultant.   Every year, female entrepreneurs waste tons of money on hiring business coaches when they actually needed a business consultant and vice versa.  Knowing the difference between a business coach and consultant can save you a lot of time and money.  So, let me put your mind at ease... keep reading!  
-work one-on-one with business owners
-a coach is part of your ongoing needs similar to having a mentor
-works with you to develop the skills you already have.
-help you identify your dreams for your life.
-hold you accountable for your actions.
-help you develop your purpose and motivate you in your business.
-assist you with changing your mindset
-bring out the “best” in you!
-encourage & support you
-brainstorm with you
-keep you focused
-help you find yourself
-An expert you turn to for help with your business & help solve problems
-Analyze the goals you have for your business
-Provide you with tools that can support you in moving forward and executing
-Put together a business strategy and plan
-Sales & Marketing Planning, Strategy & analysis
-Help clients resolve a particular business challenge
-Create an action plan for you to implement
-Provide possibilities for your business
-Teach you skills you don’t know
-Diagnose a problem and make a recommendation.
-Gather data and reports on what needs to be done to make your business successful
-Will help you structure your business.
-Will review contracts and assist with negotiations.
Girl you need both! LOL... Seriously, I strongly believe at some point in your entrepreneurial journey you will need both a business coach & a business consultant OR a consultant who provides coaching services all in one (LIKE MYSELF)… if you want to have a very successful business, at some point in your life you will need to invest in yourself!
So let me simplify this for you…   I recently read an analogy in a Forbes article that I LOVED.  Entrepreneur Leanne Wong, a Leadership Development & Performance Coach, compared the key difference between a business coach and consultant to riding a bicycle.  “Say you're learning how to ride a bicycle. A consultant would ride the bicycle for a while and write you a "how to" manual. A coach, on the other hand would have you get on the bicycle and walk alongside you, guiding you through the process until you felt confident enough to ride on your own. (Forbes, 2018).”
I’m the girl who’s going to SHOW & GIVE you the confidence to execute! I'm a Business Consultant, BUT I definitely include coaching as well.  I love encouraging, supporting and providing clarity to other women, but I pride myself on being an expert & SHOWING women how to start, develop and/or grow a business.
Whomever you hire, do your due diligence in researching individuals who fits YOUR business needs whether it be for a season or a lifetime.  Hire someone who is a REAL COACH or CONSULTANT.  A Consultant is going to provide you with the expertise that they’ve gained, that you need to help you develop, grow your business and secure that bag!